Last Day of 2014….

December 31st. 2014….Hard to believe the past year has flown by as quick as it did.  It really seems like it was just April – actually with the weather we had over the holidays it did have a spring feel to it.  It figures the crisp winter wind has made its return to end the year off  – feeling like winter.

This past year was an enjoyable one for me, filled with LOTS of travel and many adventures.  I took over 140 flights this year and never crammed anyone in an overhead bin – so i’d say I did well.  Yes, people packing stuff in the overhead bins drives me nuts and I have no doubt 2015 will bring more of that joy to my life.  I cheated on Air Canada 3 times this year and each experience was more horrifying than the last – Only plus side out of all of this was I got to sit behind Jean Chretien on one of those horrible flights and that was the highlight of my November.

The Yukon was my new destination this year and WOW! What a beautiful and amazing place – everyone MUST visit.  I managed to revisit a lot of favourite cities this year and a few not so favourite ones as well.  I am a bit sad I never made it to Labrador and the North West Territories, but maybe that will be 2015’s new adventures.

My year past would not have been as wonderful as it was, if it was not for all the amazing people I am fortunate to communicate with – many I have yet to meet (that crazy schedule of mine makes it hard for paths to cross at times).  I enjoy every email, conversation and sometimes even the dreaded text message. (we all know I HATE texts)

I am grateful for the year past being what it was, in every way possible.  While my year did have a few downs, the many ups I had, made them seem much more bearable. 

As my last blog post for 2014, I just want to say THANK YOU….From the time you take to drop me a hello or plan a future date to reading my blog posts and ads – it all means the world to me.

My last night of the year will be spent at home, I am looking forward to having a lovely dinner and LOTS of bubbles later. I will write my resolutions for the year to come and enjoy some wonderful company too, along with my pink sparkly tiara.

My you enjoy your last day of 2014 with great company, food and festivities. 




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  1. Mike Nely

    Happy New Year to you Sweet Emily and thank-you for all you do. You are truly amazing!

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