One Unforgettable Moment

An intense encounter in which you are left seeing stars and feeling week in the knees defines my thoughts on true passion, afterwards when you are unable to get the passionate thoughts out of your head, the lust is kicking in. It all starts a little something like this….

Before they arrive, the nervousness has already started. The anticipation builds with every passing moment, until you hear the knock….

A big hug, a glass of wine and some amazing conversation….As the talk deepens you are ever so slightly sitting closer and closer. The excitement is building moment by moment making the erotic tension unbearable.

The feeling of butterflies in your tummy as the moment starts leading up to more, is unexplainable. From the goose-bumps that suddenly cover your whole body as the feeling of skin brushing against skin is almost too intense to handle. The soft, slow, sensual and lingering kiss that deepens by the second with the mounting pleasure between two bodies.

From the clothing being gently peeled off and strewn around, to the intimate moans and soft words being shared while intertwined together; all leading to One Unforgettable Moment….


One comment on “One Unforgettable Moment

  1. Drummer Boy

    Emily is as close to being perfect as they come! Pesonality, great looks, and a killer body! Almost too hot to handle. Love it when she comes to visit!!! A tasty treat for sure!

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