The Art of Stupidity….

As time goes on, nothing seems to amaze me when it comes to communication fails. I mean how hard is it in this day and age to be polite, courteous and a gentleman in your initial contact to a lady …

 The latest gems to grace my inbox are as follows…..

 What is your position on unscented warm body shop massage oil

Hmmm, I don’t really have a position on body shop oil, however Im not quite sure what exactly it is that you are asking.

are you into nsa?

Last time I checked you did not find me on POF.

Question for you.

It says no couples, but are you totally against it? Have you ever made an exception??

Let me know if you get a moment.

What part of NO do YOU not understand… Can only imagine how wonderful a 3way would go with you questioning my boundaries. There is ZERO exceptions on my comfort level.

Wanna date


After I declined a date I received this response:

You got to be tired of them old men by now treat yourself to a young man 

I will get right on that… NOT

When asking a gentleman to share more about himself, I was lucky to receive this response:

Well I hope you can handle what I have to offer I am not the average guy very biggggg down below and huge head

And then there was this email, after I had already left Ottawa

I get to Ottawa often for work and will be there tonight

I would like ONE special friend

I will $poil you

No games or BS

I’m slim, attractive, Italian, married and professional


Send pics, maybe Skype? Expectations


Not even sure what to make of this one…I think POF may be a better option for you… Maybe buddy from the second email can help you out as he’s seeking NSA

hi, I need u to do me a favor for my 20 yrs son, in two weeks or so……r u back this way email me when u r….regards

I wonder if he plans to be there too?  A healthy father son bond is important, after all.

twenty minutes twenty bucks will u let a young hot guy titty fuck u ? 


I can honestly say its never a dull day, however I am starting to wonder where common sense has gone in society.






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