The art of communication….and why it’s KEY

I am a true believer that communication is key in any relationship, whether personal or business . It is one of the main fundamentals in ensuring a connection as well as mutual understanding is met.

I have spent hours composing a website full of information and details that will allow you to get to know me all that much better. I am very upfront with who I am, how I conduct my business and the experience you can expect when we spend time together. I am a firm believer in that I am not for everyone and everyone is not for me.

I am NOT a Barbie doll, I do not offer a drive thru menu and I definitely do not offer services or sessions that make me uncomfortable. I will never ask you to dress a certain way nor will I ever do anything to put you in a position that makes you uncomfortable – I EXPECT the same mutual respect.

If I don’t offer what you are seeking, I will not be spending time with you. I will encourage you to find a lady that better suites your tastes and desires. If you would like me to recommend a friend of mine – I will happily do so. However, please do not email me a week from now asking if I have changed my mind. My mind was made up, when I replied to your initial email and it hasn’t changed since our last email nor will it ever.

Time spent together is supposed to be relaxing and fun. If there comes a time when it is not enjoyable and what we are both seeking in an escape it will be time to move on.




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