A new week, a new level of amazement….

Last week was not short on interesting emails to grace my inbox so I thought I would share a “few” of the “real gems

Damn u are sexy..I’m xxxxx.g u can YouTube.. But I will b out your way shooting this movie.. An I will love to meet u..

Ive always wanted to hook up with a wanna be gangster and end up as the story line from Criminal Minds.

Hey Emily,

Im looking for a 24/7 gf companion who would live with me for atleast a month. We can discuss. I’ve attached my photo. If you’re interested then call me xxx xxx xxxx


Sure I always enjoy spending extended periods of time with strangers, who have only send a photo as a means to make me comfortable….NOT a chance 

Hi there need it

A man of many words I see, not sure what your needing or where you are so I have to pass


I was just wondering if its possible for you to come to xxxx for a day in the coming weekend, I can provide you with an amazing (almost free) hotel room as I’m a manager at a local hotel and get some services for my friends by paying a discounted rate while you can go about getting your services to other clients without having to worry about a place. Seems like a win – win situation. Let me know if you want to take a change at this opportunity.

How could anyone pass up this almost free offer with a complete stranger in the middle of BFNW? Plus the thought of you trying to discount my business so you and your friends get off, is not how I run my business or conduct it.  I suggest you find yourself a new approach as this is definitely not a win – win as you put it and just plain creepy.

As you can see the possibilities of amazement are endless….





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