Stupidity to follow….

Its been an interesting few weeks and I finally have some time to post the “REAL JEMS” that have graced my inbox…Brace yourself….stupidity to follow:

How mush for a body rub, can you wear leather pants and message me ,wearing heels,i am at the gander libary ,so i dont have a lot of computer use, if you are not to expenceof , i want a message
your obedient servant 

Using public computers is not discreet nor something I recommend, especially when judging by your grammar I doubt you know how to clear cookies(and no not ones you eat).  Here is your message you so wanted.

My name is Mark. Im 40 yrs old. I recently got devorced. I never did cheat on my wife so i havent  been with anyone from utter places. I see you on xxxx.I could see you on the 20 if you can. If You want more info let me know. Have a great nit!!

Considering you saw my ad on somewhere I don’t advertise, and you aren’t getting the fact that first impressions are lasting ones, I think I will pass.

My Lovely Emily,,
You are such a beautiful Angle, and it is my pleasure to spend some times with you.
Since I hate to use condom, I wonder if you offer Greek !!, at least it can be done without condom.
For sure I would appreciate to have regular intercourse without condom, if you don’t mind.
Please name a donation
I enjoy my life and respect myself and those I spend time with, I think its best you rethink what you are looking for and gets girlfriend and a monogamous relationship.  Your asking for an early death and I want NO part of that!
Hpv ok?
ummm NO, ok!
I have a hard time believing some people can get through life on a day to day basis when emails like this grace my inbox.  If you can’t use spell check and you want to engage in unsafe activities, Im sorry I can’t be bothered to communicate with you.

4 comments on “Stupidity to follow….

  1. Mike Nely

    I always feel a little guilty by being entertained when you post a blog like this knowing full well it is you that has to endure such stupidity, seemingly on a regular basis. However, by your good nature you are willing to share to give us a chuckle, so thank-you :). It is ironic that your immediately previous blog entry was “April Showers” dated April 1. Had you posted this blog on April 1 we would of assumed you were making all of this up as an April Fools joke, because this much stupidity is unbelievable,

  2. roamingguy

    OMG Emily, I know it must be frustrating dealing with this sort of stupidity but these prizes gave me a little chuckle too. Getting messaged…is that a PM (private message) or IM (instant message) he wants. Now I wonder what MSN Messenger is all about LOL.
    Anyone reading your website knows the information you require. Anyone reading your website knows your rates…although maybe asking how mush is code and mush is a variant of mish LOL
    Sounds like some of these are candidates for Darwin Awards.
    That you have to put up with this sort of thing, and you remain a positive and happy person speaks volumes about you Em.
    Thanks for an unintentional morning chuckle


  3. Excaliber

    Very good Emily! These post of your often put a smile on my face

  4. Ed

    When someone is operating “out of class” the special amusement is that they don’t realize they are out of class. The KIA customer should not frequent the Mercedes Benz showroom.

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