The importance of following instructions….

I feel the need to make this blog entry, due to the lack of respect and attention to following simple instructions lately. I’ve worded this in reference to no one, just a generalization to a few things.

The circumstances usually go as follows:

You contact me, we go through screening and agree on the date and time. You are told you will be contacted a few days prior with details to confirm. 3 days prior you are emailed with detailed instructions with a number and a date and time frame to call and confirm on. Scenarios as follows:

Scenario A) You don’t call within time frame – Encounter is cancelled and time is available

Scenario B) You email letting me know you cant call within that time and we agree on another time in which you don’t call – Same result as above – encounter cancelled.

Scenario C) You call and confirm and encounter goes ahead as planned

Scenario D) You email the morning of to ask if we are still on, yet I never heard from you – What do you think the answer to this question is?

Scenario E) You leave a voice mail with we emailed and I’m calling no name, number or anything else in the message – Chances are the encounter will be cancelled as its very rude to call a number back and say Who’s this? And I’ve asked you to call me, for discretion I would rather not return the call unless I have been given the ok to do so.

I have a system in place that works for my own personal business, if you don’t wish to follow instructions, don’t waste my time. I value your time and respect your wishes on privacy, discretion and everything else. If you value mine, why does one feel it’s okay to not follow the simple instructions that I have given. I can be flexible with my confirmation policy when you let me know in advance.

I ask you to call as that is how I confirm my dates, I won’t email or text you any details so you have to call (my confirmation email is very clear on this), at this point if you don’t like this policy it is your time to say that you are declining our date, I won’t get mad as I would prefer your honesty over wasting my time and that of someone else who would have enjoyed the visit, but due to the games someone else has played they were unable to visit.

When I ask you to call when your parking – I MEAN it, don’t call from the lobby if I have asked you not too(considering discretion is SO important, why does the fact that your calling from in front of the hotel staff and repeating the suite number aloud not strike you as indiscreet?) Just because I’m not a revolving door, does not mean I want attention drawn to myself at any time. I enjoy the places I stay and wish to keep it that way. I also enjoy the company that I keep and NEVER want to jeopardize anyone’s privacy ever.

You provide me your number and ask me not to call, I follow your instructions so how hard is it to show the same respect to mine.

For an industry where discretion is key, I am just astounded as to why it is expected from me, but not returned by you.


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