Unicorns and other Full Moon Fails….

In light of the full moon yesterday, the following emails are an indication of initial communication fails, that well Im just shaking my head at. A first impression is everything, and if you write like any of the ones below, the only date you will be having with me is on my blog.

Got time?  Yep a sweetie like you.

Short and sweet can work, however I am not sure what is asking that I have time for?

When I asked this other gentleman to share more about himself, I get this reply:

I am A college boy now

 All that comes to mind is the Huggies comercial “Im a Big Kid Now”jingle

Hi i wanna go

Go where?

Would you discreetly do a 17 year old for the right price

Plain and Simple NO WAY EVER

After months of emails, when asked for a reference I received this in reply:  I understand and respect your security requirements but statistically speaking I would have better chances getting hit in the head by a falling Cold War era soviet satellite than providing any references for you.

Hey you look hot the question is are you hot? And do you like to party…ski??

With opening lines like these you should stick to the bars, or add that to your tag line on POF.

Good evening beautiful. Just curious If you offer just services, not looking for a full service as just moved here and strapped for cash but just a bbbj or cbbj

I think McDonalds may have the menu you seek at the prices you so desire.






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  1. Mike Nely

    Thanks Em for again sharing these glimpses of masculine ineptitude. In reality it is a shame you have to put up with such nonsense, but by your good nature you make light of it and your comments are entertaining for your more in tuned readers. The title and imagery is very creative.

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