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It’s been a while since I’ve posted the monthly stupidity list, but this guy who calls himself Jon – he gets the entire post to himself.  The title to his email was “Thought Provoking” so I found it fitting.

Hey Emily – 
Would be great to see what/how your facial and perhaps body expression is after reading this …
Jon 😉
Q and A:
  – What positions make you feel sexy?  Beautiful?
  – What experience do you have with kink?
  – How much or little clothes do you feel comfortable playing in?
  – What clothes make you feel sexy?
  – What clothes do you not enjoy wearing?
  – What sexual acts are you hoping for in scene?  What do you not want?
  – What kind of aftercare do you need?
  – What sort of power dynamics/exchange are you interested in working with?
  – What kind of mood is ideal for you?
  – What other kinks do you have?
  – What are your hard and soft limits?
  – What is your preferred pet/nickname word?

Potential Rules:
  1) Safety
        – safe word will be used to protect you
        – limit is something to be pushed and explored
        – children and health override all rules

  2) Communication
        – you will send a daily email informing me of your plans for the day
        – each night you will request any preferences I may in your clothing for the following day.  You will follow the instructions provided.
         – you will adhere to any preference I have to which body lotion or perfume you use
         – you will ask if I have any preference regarding what colour to paint your nails
         – you will perform any other tasks given to you the previous night or throughout the day
      Condition 1. If you are unable to do the task due to location, You may request to postpone the task until you are in a location where performing the task is appropriate.
Condition 2. If you feel unable to perform the task due to lack of privacy, you may request to postpone the task until you have the privacy required to correctly perform the given task.
Condition 3. In the event that the task is sexual in nature and you are on your period, you may request to postpone the task until such time that you are comfortable performing it.

  3) Other General
   – When He enters a room, she is to kneel when appropriate.   When inappropriate she is to reach out and make physical contact.  If that is not possible, she is to make eye contact.
she will keep a journal at least weekly, this can be her feelings, current events, or a fantasy story.
she will sit at His’ feet, unless given permission to do otherwise.
she will be available and prepared for sexual service whenever He wishes.
He will be addressed as “Sir” when possible.
Maintenance spankings will be used

  4) Clothing
    – you need to describe in detail everything you plan to wear the following day
    – once a week you will go commando
    – once a week you will wear pantyhose or stockings
    – all times you will maintain your uniform (to be decided … E.g a collar …  In private this will consist of  a leather collar.  In public, this is a decorative collar)
    – you are encouraged to show off your body through the use of provocative clothing

Condition 1. In the event that requested garments (i.e. panties, bras, socks, etc.) are dirty, you must default to going commando
Condition 2. In the event that I have made a request for you to wear something that is not appropriate for work, you will make arrangements to wear one work-appropriate outfit during the day and change into the requested outfit during the evening.
I may deny permission to wear any item you have selected, in which case, you must change your clothing
When we are together, you will ask me to approve of or pick out the clothing you have planned to wear for the next day.
During the first three days of your cycle, you are to wear something comfortable.
During the day, if you wish to change clothing or take an item off, you must ask permission to do so.

  5) Sexual items/things
       – you must ask permission you wish to masturbate
       – you must also ask permission to orgasm
       – you are to follow any instructions I make give you regarding what you are allowed to use, how long you can use it, etc when you masturbate
       – you must keep a record of your daily play as part of your daily email to me
       – if you wish to buy a new tou, you need to do so with me so we pick one out together

 6) Correction
    – a stool will be used for correction.  I will tell you how to position yourself on the stool
    – correction will be explained before being done
    – correction will be delivered immediately.  If in public this will not involve the stool but another form of correction

This document can be modified at anytime by me and updates will be communicated to you prior to being required

Thanks for the pointless email, Mr Grey.  The closest you will ever get to this with anyone is in that movie.

Seems covid has not killed the stupid only made the dumb dumber





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