If only Covid would wipe out the stupid….

Before all the hype and the start of the pandemic the stupid walked amongst us,  however they were not as out in plain sight as they are now.  It’s like they are immune to Covid and taking over.  While I’m at home self isolating this months highlights are below.

Sit back, relax and have a good laugh….

Hello Emily,

 I love your pictures and I love redheads. So I am intrigued to set up a meeting with you.

I need to clarify a few things first so that expectations are not disappointed.  I work nights from 10 pm – 6 am so my session with you can either be early morning or early evening. Just instruct me where I am to meet you.I have a fetish that I need to run by you first. I have a diaper fetish. I am not into gross piss and shit play. I would never subject a woman to that. My fetish has to do with domination especially since I cannot see domination any greater than an attractive woman putting a grown male in a diaper.I am not married but I do have a cuckold fantasy. The whole background is that I am supposedly married but separated and “you” set my wife up with another guy and you’re road blocking me by putting me in a diaper.

If I may add, I would like to request that you wear either a jean jacket or black leather jacket with tight jeans. It is very casual but very striking to me.

If this is okay with you then I would love to connect with you on possibly the 6th. Let me know what works and where. Thank you kindly.


Aren’t you just one who likes to script things….Sorry Rick, Im NOT currently visiting anyone and you should not be either.  I think its best you save your long list of objectives for someone who actually offers what you are seeking.

Hey supp hun how are you 

Love to play

Play with what?  Blocks?

I’m 30 Jimmy
Pro gambler
I’ll come to you asap
An hour I would think maybe 2 or 3 depending..
You don’t need my number yet
I’ve never done this before.. just hit big and need stress relief.. my mom is in the hospital, my 53 year old gf is an alcoholic.. hasn’t put out in about 18 months.. struggling with sobriety.. I don’t pressure.. so we just don’t do it.. I need you to want me, be assertive and almost aggressive.
I recently developed tightness and pain in my lower back. If we can start with a massage please let me know.
I don’t mind driving if you’re within an hour or so. 
My only thing is I need this asap.. before I find a massage therapist or lose all the money I just won lol
Ya, No Ill pass thanks.  Screening isn’t optional and its on MY terms – maybe seek out an RMT.
There is security and then there is discretion for both parties. Please disregard my initial request. All the best
Why would you even contact me through my website when its clear what I require to book.  Asking your name is not asking too much and safety comes before anything.  I suggest you stay home and enjoy self pleasure as thats the ONLY date you will be enjoying.

Good morning Emily,

Thanks so much for your quick reply. In these socially distanced times a handful of my friends and I, have been doing a Google Hangout every Friday night. I was hoping you could join us for 30 or 60 minutes to show yourself off with or without conversation: entirely up to you. But yes: we would love to see a virtual strip show without being to blunt.   We are all scattered over western Canada, and this could be a good opportunity for you to meet some potential new customers.

Please let me know if you are interested and what you might want for a donation? Of course I am available anytime on my mobile.

Thanks – again.

 I guess READING my website and what I offered for Virtual companionship was too much to ask. (Considering it’s clear I offer SOCIAL Companionship ONLY).  I am NOT a stripper and am in awe that you think it is ok to assume that one would be ok with this.  This is definitely not how I go about meeting new dates.

What is your menu

Id love to know why in 2020 this is even something someone would send?  Im not a fucking drive thru and there is no god dam menu.

As you can see quarantine has kept me slightly entertained with stupidity.  Hope I was able to bring some head shakes and laughs to your day.

Stay safe











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  1. Yves

    I liked to get together with you Emily but I understand that COVID on the rise so I should have to cum by myself tonight okay sorry for disturbing you okay babe…????

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