Days of pink houses and snow filled rainbows….

Oddest yet most amazing combination ever. To see it is to believe it…. Yes I am referring to a visit to the awe inspiring St. John’s. As your plane is circling on the final minutes of the approach you see the festive and vibrant houses overlooking the rocky cliffs. Miles and miles of picturesque sea scape disappear in the distance.

St. John’s is a one of a kind escape. Nothing can prepare you for what you will discover; the experience is magical. You feel transported into another time, and every visit to this amazing city has the same breathless effect.

Where else in this country can you live in a pink house without getting complaints from your neighbours, see four seasons in one day (complete with a rainbow), and be so far away from home yet feel like you are at home.

A visit here is an experience of a lifetime and one not to be missed. After visiting here for the last two years, I am always look forward to my return. Cherishing the lasting memories and looking forward to what future visits will bring. Nothing can prepare you for what is to come once you step on the plane to this escape.

Visit at your own risk, the city is highly addicting.


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  1. Lefty32

    Very nice comments. You are very perceptive Emily. I ahve never been to St. John’s and now want to visit more than ever.

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