Stupidity has NO Boundaries….

Another month is coming to an end and there was no shortage of stupidity this month past.  I am really starting to wonder howe some people manage to get through the day let alone life.  Where did manners, respect and common courtesy go?  As always brace yourself, the emails are special.

Can I discuss the non-sexual services, such as clothing requests and other non-sexual fetishes?

Are you looking for a pizza or a date? Some things are best left unscripted and chemistry is one of them.

Hi, I only wanted to make inquiries about your services before making any booking, I don’t want to book without knowing all details of your services of what’s restricted and if you would allow anything that is not mentioned? Just like a person would not buy a house or car without knowing all details.

Any human with a brain can read between the lines that you are looking for unsafe acts and I for one am NOT interested.

Hey there I am Xxxxx from Winnipeg. This is my first time and so I am a little nervous. Actually I would like to start with a roleplay where you are mymom and I am your fresh young virgin son.   The scenario goes like this : you need help finding something in the kitchen dressed only in a red or purple robe with no panties, I will try to help you and come closer to you. So close that you can feel my hot breath on your neck, I will move more closer and you will protest saying ” but I am your mother honey, you are not gonna do that,”. You will protest and try to stop me. If you feel you can fulfill my fantasy before I am in my twenties then please reply to discuss about donations

Someone new to this would never send an email like this, the first time they contact a lady.   No where do i advertise role play so why on earth even message me?

Waiting  for ur call I wan start Tuesday

Kinda at a loss for this one as I’m not hiring….

Hi There 

i hope we can arrange a date on your next visit. 

I have a residence in IaSalle about 15mins from downtown Windsor.  Would you offer a 2hr rendezvous?  Also I would have my 1yr old here.  He would be asleep by the time you would arrive. Would that be an issue?

I have no fucking words for this, except no FUCKING way – are you crazy?

Sorry. You are too pricey for me and have no pics to see apart from a few. I am a visual person and body, sad to say, matters to me, especially tit size and pussy.

So basically you want to see everything upfront for free and then never book.  Move along pic collector.

As you can see September had no shortage of stupidity.  I really need to know WTF some people are thinking when they hit send.  Let’s hope October is calmer….






Good luck;








3 comments on “Stupidity has NO Boundaries….

  1. Thom W

    Hi Emily
    My name is Thom,
    I enjoyed reading your website; I can appreciate your style and the sense of class you bring to your work. It is disheartening that there are so many rude and ignorant individuals out there. I’m sure you have many more examples of stupidity conveyed via email.
    I do hope that, at least occasionally, you do meet people you can relate to and enjoy the company of. Perhaps I could have been one of such kind. Alas, I did not find the courage, I guess, to contact you while I was visiting the Yukon, where I saw your advertisement. I regret that now, but perhaps there will be other opportunities in the future.
    I’m a professional, long-time divorced, with kids who have now left the house to pursue their lives. I’m not at all interested in the online dating world,” after trying it and seeing the quiet desperation out there.
    I would be more interested in an uncomplicated, well bounded encounter, or a series of, with someone who can provide some sophisticated enthusiasm and sense of adventure and intimacy, albeit fleeting and illusory.
    I live in Kamloops, BC: I don’t know if that is a place you ever visit.
    I would like to make your acquaintance.

  2. Ken

    Hello Emily..I’m ken a mature respectful clean, healthy gentleman .your thoughts are really interesting. ..I totally agree with you on stupidity. …you really sound and look very down to earth. ..type of lady. ..I’ve missed my opportunity to get verified for you this time I’m hoping you’ll be back in the new year? all the best to you…:)

  3. Vic Casablanca

    Emily, you have never seen stupidity up close as I have – and if you by chance ever to hear the 2 words Dickens Makadi enter into a sentence and that he wants to meet you…run…run as fast as you can for as far as you can and never look back.

    There were several people across the globe whose name brings anger and fear to people’s face – among them is Adolph Hitler, Mousollini, Charles Manson, Ivan The Terrible and other people of history infamity – and now Dickens Makadi.

    He sets a level of stupidity and ignorance so high of people that I have met – that I now have to compare all the stupid people to him and then see if they can surpass his level or if they stall fall short of it.

    All people that I have come across have always fallen short of his level – and I have met some pretty stupid people in my time.

    And all of them combined do not even come to half of what he is – in the stupidity level.

    So, while these letters posted by you may be pretty bad – they have yet to measure up anywhere to Dickens Makadi and all I can state is that everybody I have known who comes across him always regrets doing so.

    Once again, yes – I am sure that you have dealt with some pretty arrogant, stupid and outright ignorant people – but you have yet to meet Dickens, otherwise your letters would include him and you would easily refer to him when bringing up stupidity in any context.

    Sad, but true – there are too many stupid people on this planet – and if they were all gone by some luck, the world would be a far better place.

    Hopefully you don’t encounter too many more in your life – and should you ever come across Dickens by any unfortunate chance – be sure to avoid him like a deadly plague.

    Hopefully he never has any offspring – the world does not need any more chaos.

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