Must be something in the Water….

August was an amazing month, however stupidity still graced my email.  I am starting to think it must be something in the water….

I probably would be able to fuck your pussy,,,,but Id probably have an issue with your great big forehead tho

I have issues with your grammar so we are definitely not a good fit.

hey doll u avaialabe

Sorry Doll, save your money and take some writing lessons.



golden showers?

Read the ad, read my website and No thanks.

Hello I’m interested in your services for 30 mins,  looking for a tease lap dance and a great finish let me know

Im looking for someone to contact me with manners and respect and not insult me – let me know?

Any party favours?

I can’t think of a safer act to do with a stranger – WTF are you thinking?

hi dear

we are between 15 and 18.  6 friends.. 15 – 15 – 16 – 17 – 17  and 18

Need 2 lady. you have girlfriend?

but i can give total 6 000 for night. for you 3 000 and 3 000 for other lady.

16 years is too much for 6 000. you’re right too much. We won horse race.

what do you think. do you want help us?

and of course depends on your services.

thanks in advance. Waiting for your answer

Are you sick in the head? No fucking way!

They replied with:

ok as you wish. no problem..

i can find a new lady for 6000..

good luck bby.

Best of luck with that!


Dear Emily,

You must be kidding?? $350/hr to hang out with you?? You should consider getting a real job and stop selling yourself for money. How do you have a clean conscience taking money from desperate men who are lonely? Give me a shout and maybe I’ll let u hang out with me for free! What happens when we get together will b free too! I won’t charge u anything to b my friend… Or whatever u want to call it.

Jesus still loves u too… And his grace is sufficient for us both.


Billy Bob …. And I have all my teeth! Ain’t nuthin fake here!

Considering the fact that you don’t find me by googling puppies, you went looking for company and discovered a woman outside of your means. So then you send me an email like this insulting me and then offering to hang with me for free.  i don’t know which branch from the fucktard tree you fell from but tis clear you hit every branch on the way down.  May you find many new free friends on POF and Tinder.

It honestly never ceases to amaze me with the level of stupidity and fuctardism that walks among us. I don’t know how many even graduated.  I am appalled at the lack of respect and common courtesy as well as the grammar.

May September be moron free.






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  1. Tyler

    The last one made my day hahah people are so ignorant. Fucktard is the perfect word actually.

    You’re beautiful and you deserve some damn respect!

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