Sad State of the World Today….

I really wonder how some people are capable of breathing on their own let along getting through life.  The amount of ignorant stupidity that seems to appear in my email is mind boggling.  I do not understand where the simple art of manners and respect went – brace yourself April was a special month for Fucktards.


Is it possible to pay for pictures/videos/sexting?


Hello, is it possible for you to have read my website prior to acting your time and mine with this message?

im interested how much? and if im virgin is that ok

If you have to send an email because you were too lazy to view a website, you are too lazy to seek company.  Save yourself for the right woman – most likely your wife as she will be the only one to tolerate your lazy behaviour.

I have never met you, and with too many scams would not pay in advance without knowing that you are real, your pictures are current and real, your age is correct, and that everything is as advertised. I would be happy to meet you first to insure I am getting as advertised, then proceed from there.

Thank you for your emails, and the chance to experience your beauty. I hope you can understand and appreciate my position.

All right, lets get something straight, I do NOT ask for advance payment unless I have reason too.  Clearly all my photos are stolen and I’m a scam and that’s why I am still around as no one, BUT you has figured that out.  Get a grip on life buddy – I’m not meeting some random person in public so you can check out the goods before purchasing.

Hi there how much hh bbbjcim? Married white clean 59

Like you being married, white or 59 means i’d happily offer you such unsafe services.

Are you work I g right now ?

Maybe try sleeping at 239am and then working on your spelling before you email a lady.

I feel like I lost many brain cells while writing this email.  When will the stupidity end?  Most likely never and we can thank the people who don’t discipline their children for this.




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