Apparently, Sunshine Does Not Make You Have Manners….

Another month has come and gone leaving the stupidity in its wake.  Each month I start out optimistic that the mannerless and entitled will not grace me with emails, however that bliss is always short lived.

Put down your beverages and take in another months moronic messages….

Do you do bareback hun ???

Do you want to live to see another year?  WTF is wrong with you for asking such a question?

Interested with $ call me 250-488-XXXX

Nope, can’s say ill be calling you – EVER

is $120 fine and i attached picture is ok to have sex with 

You want me to engage in sex with your picture? and NO negotiating is insulting so move along. (for the record the pictures was scary, like serial killer scary) just don’t send pictures – EVER.

I need a life partner!

I think you were looking at the wrong site.

Hit me uo

Ya, can’t say that, that is ever going to happen.

What you do in your rate if im done in 10 min

I really have no words for emails like this, our time together is an experience not a circus act or a menu.

And lastly we have this guy, who at no point would provide his name or any information then send this:

230 is fine cell is 705 941 XXXX and I’m self employed and the other questions don’t really apply for me

Actually my questions apply to anyone I visit with, it is my business practice to visit with likeminded individuals who aren’t shady.  Anyone who does not think my screening practices apply to them, can move along.

Gentleman, I can’s say it enough, think before you hit send,

Until next month





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