Don’t Let Your Want for Change Cloud your Judgement….

We look down at our counterparts in the USA and laugh at the train wreck they elected. We all know it was unimaginable, but it’s still a fact that Trump won.  Now in Canada, we may have own own mini Trump – We laugh at Alberta and BC for their last election outcomes, but good god Ontario WTF are you thinking even letting this disaster of a human being anywhere near your political parties and then making him leader of one.

As someone who resided in Ontario for many years, I still feel a closeness to the province.  Watching the  last few weeks of election campaigns has been something that has me at a loss for words at best.  

These are the BEST 3 candidates you could do? (flashback to the 2016 USA Presidential election)  How is it possible in a province with so many amazing people that these are the ONLY 3 choices you could come up with?  How can a past drug dealer and sleezy, sketchy businessman as well one who is anti gay be your choice for the PC party – Oh, wait he is the poster boy for Conservative values.  How silly of me to have even a shred of doubt on your reasoning?

People when you come out to vote today, do NOT vote for Doug Ford and the Conservatives – it will be worse than anything you can imagine.  Look at the train wreck down south, don’t let your province be the mini me to to that walking, talking disaster that we are forced to hear about every day.  

Get out and Vote – ANYTHING but Conservative. (The rest of Canada thanks you in advance for this)





2 comments on “Don’t Let Your Want for Change Cloud your Judgement….

  1. Mike Nely

    Well said Emily. I have never lived in Ontatio so perhaps I should not comment….be that as it may………WTF?

  2. Tom

    I would like to say I didn’t see this result coming but Jesus I hope we survive the next 4 years. I hope you will still come and visit.

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