A Warning….

It absolutely sickens me to have to make a post like this.  Posting about stolen text and web content is a bad enough topic, but when a travelling lady takes advantage of another companion I feel the need to say something.  It is hard enough as it is to trust someone, and after this situation how is anyone supposed to feel comfortable helping someone else out.

A lady fairly new to the travelling aspect of the SP world, asked a good friend of mine for some business help.  As well my friend took her into her home.   She wanted to travel but does not have a credit card.  Instead of this lady telling her to go to money mart for a pre-paid card, she booked a room for her in her name with the promise that this other lady would pay her before she left.  This PEI lovely decided to smoke in the room and trash it as well, and she also went through this other ladies belongings and cellphone.  On top of it all she stole her credit card.

This lady then continued on with her travels, when confronted about the money and damages the lady at first sad she left the money at the hotel (which of course is a lie).  Then made up excuses as to why she could not send the money to her.  My good friend still has not gotten back her money and this lady continues to bounce around from city to city.

She has now threatened my friend that she will “get her” as well as made up stories about being attacked for sympathy.

Ladies like this make for a bad name to all companions in the business and this needs to stop.  This type of behaviour has a domino effect on all of us.  Ladies like her should not be in this business.

It makes me sick, as I am sure if she could do this to a woman who helped her, what is she doing to complete strangers?


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  1. Hjo

    Well my dear Emily, sickening indeed. It is unfortunate to have a bad apple in the barrel; however, the bright side is : all the good unspoiled fruit in the same barrel. Cheers

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