Well today BACKPAGE was seized by the FBI, DOJ and every possible law enforcement agency in the USA.  Many are asking WHY and HOW can this happen?  Simple the law enforcement agencies in the USA have been after BACKPAGE for a long time.  The owner has been brought to court numerous times and each time he’s beat the charges – this time its different.

In the past they have always gotten off because they can’t be responsible for what their advertisers post on their site.  I mean you click on the link to say you are 18 or over and then you post what you want, no site babysits their posters.  Sadly BP has been used for many bad things like trafficking and exploitation – that being said anyone who clicks on an ad and its child or minor should report it , only a sick FUCK would book an unconsenting child and you cant blame a site for the stuff others do after clicking the disclaimer.  Lets be honest here sick people exist and will do what they can to children or women/men not doing things under their own free will.  Im not giving the owner a get out of jail free card, but since SESTA/FOSTA passed the vote last week this gave the FBI a step ahead as with the new laws the owner of BP is going to go away for a long time.

What does that men for you the client? – well time to get on the reputable ladies you want to visit withs mailing list and get pre screened.  Time to STOP lowballing and haggling and time to MAN up and be respectful.  While SESTA/FOSTA are USA laws they are going to have a HUGE impact in Canada and how things in the adult industry are going forward.

You’ve had the golden ticket up here in Canada for a long while and now its long gone.  Sit back and prepare to change to adapt to the changes to come, its not going to be a pretty ride.






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