Devastation and Sadness….

Absolute devastation and sadness across Canada today. A bus carrying 29 people collided with a tractor trailer in Saskatchewan resulting in the worst possible outcome – not everyone survived.

A thing about growing up in Canada, especially the Prairies – whether you like hockey or not, it’s apart of our being.  Someone you know or are related too, eats sleeps and lives the sport.  While I much prefer football, the CFL kind, I get it.  Hockey is like a religion to us, like how College Football is to our southern counterparts.  What happened tonight is sadness and grief and a loss felt by the entire country let alone the rest of the world.  Nothing can take back what has been lost and we do what we do as Canadians in a time of loss and help out in any way we can.  From people opening up their homes to those having fundraisers and community breakfasts – we do what we can in many little ways to be there for those in need. It’s like a huge group hug expanding across the nation.

A GoFundMe has been started to help raise funds for the victims families and those of the survivors to get though this time of devastation.  If you want to help, I encourage you to click the above link and donate what you can.

Its a sad weekend in Canada and around the world and this is all anyone can talk about.

I raise my glass of wine in Memory of those who did not survive and also to the Strength of those who did, the next while and lifetime wont be easy – live every moment to the fullest and may every memory be cherished to those close to you (your Hockey Family) who left way too early.

Rest in Peace and Strong Survival 




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