A chance to come to Canada….

As this year has progressed, I’m still left slightly awestruck with the lack of respect and manners that exists in todays world.  I really wonder how many can even function after they get out of bed in the morning as clearly they lack simple communication skills amongst many other things.

Put your drink to the side and happy reading.

Hey babe ! I have to say your a very beautiful lady! I would like to offer you the chance to come visit Canada and do a porn shoot ! I’m a young 23 year old from Vancouver BC and am looking to fafill a fantasy of mine to be in a porno. I’m hoping to continue this as a career if I can find some good lady’s to work with. I’m willing to fly you out for the day. I would have you do the shoot and we would fly you back home. Compensation is 2.5ks and we will pay for 2 meals also. If your intrested shoot me a msg and we can chat more. This is something that is considered an amateur shoot, but I would like to try and do this as professionally as possible and help make your visit and experience a good one ! Thanks and hopefully get to chat soon ! Cheers

How many women did you send this copy and paste email too?  Had you actually taken the time to read ladies profiles you would see that I LIVE in CANADA as most likely do ALL the other women you sent this to.

Hi I’m looking for a GREEK girl. Let me know what the detail$$$ are.

Thx, Dave

Hi Dave, Clearly by my photos you can see I am not of greek heritage and while I’m sure you meant something else with your email, I’m definitely NOT interested.

Hey baby 

Wants to meet right now.

Try Dominoes or McDonalds, you may have better luck.

 Just wondering if u like diapers and willing to be changed into Huggies size 7 

Please tell me….What part of a soft, sensual encounter means I’m open to diaper play?

wow wow wow you are auper genius lols

The above email came in response to my auto reply….One can only imagine how much of a man of many words he is….

??? these automatic email replies are getting annoying! Lots of BS trying to get a lousy BJ from you?? WTH 

I like to think of my auto reply as the fist line of defence in weeding out the ones I don’t wish to spend time with….Time and time again it never fails me.

there is a PUSSY that is waiting to be EATEN

This classy email had a picture of a kitten attached.  Not sure what is more creepy.

November definitely had a lasting effect in the email department.  From diapers to people who just cant read, it got old FAST.  here is hoping December is less painful.










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