April’s Special Treats….

It is the end of another month and it was one filled with some very interesting emails.  Not really sure how some people manage to survive in basic day to day life.  

This months “special treats“:

How’s it going sexy girl want to meet up

If you can’t even bother to address me by my name, i think its best you seek other company.  I really wonder how many others you sent this generic email to.

Hi am a business man that works away a lot.i live in corner Brook but in St.johns a lot.  I was looking for something to hook up with me and my girlfriend.i hook up alit but wanted to try something different.

I suggest you keep looking for something, as there are many objects out there that are different.

Hey what could shy country boy expect could you say a bit about things and rates thanks ps pics are hot girl

While I’m glad your vision is in check, maybe you can work on your communication skills next.

Hey there I’m pat 190lb in 27 just passing throu but would love a massage nothing more just like it when a hot girl dos it . So let me know K

Pat, I think a drive thru is a better match for you.

Very lonely have $40.00and need some love let me know your rates and maybe we can come to a comprimise

Not a chance, i am not a charity.

Amy I would love to have u relax me just by your touch. …your beauty and touch would be like i died an? gone to heaven! Please give me details…when u r available…donation required?? Do u have a place? Is there 300 lb solid muscle guys there? Lol..
You’re a dream girl I’d like to live out that dream
Thank u Amy. ..I’ve never seen a woman soooòo ?orgeous as u are:)

Poor Amy missed out on this email….

You look so hot
Are you working today ?? I wanna you 

Love you

Aww you said I love you, I can’t see any boundary issues from a date with you at all.

Hey beautiful … How much would it be for oral ?

How much would it be for you to learn some manners when contacting a lady?

Hi Cutie/Escort, How are you doing? I need a -Outcall- service for 4hrs (14hrs till 18hrs), let me know your best price and kindly get back to me as soon as possible, meanwhile you can schedule any date within 14th of May, so I can make arrangement for a Hotel.


Please – No Law Enforcement/ No Police

How much cops do you watch? do you think the police would not reply to you if you sent this to them because you said no Police?

? uuu try to send price s.. For a nice 69. R. . hot ? pics of the Video… Ty….. I’m in Halifax and open ? MINDED…

You are going to be open for a long time.

Is this a job interview lol

If it was you would have already failed, I take screening seriously.

Pics of u nude plz and what are your rates

I’ll get right on that for you.

As you can see April did not have many dull days.  I don’t know what happened to the days of respect and being polite, sadly i think they are a thing of the past.

Have a great day and Happy reading.




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