You know you are a special dose of Fucktard when….

I dedicate the entire end of month blog to you and you alone.  This special gent is a one of a kind and deserves special recognition for his stellar communication with me.  I am very glad I screen as one can only imagine the outcome of a date with this man.  

Screening is NOT an option, it is mandatory – there are many options I have available for screening but when you refuse to be anything but a secret agent and then insult me – we will NEVER be meeting.

First email and its polite…clearly no indication of whats to come….

Keep in mind my website is clear on what I require to book and that i require the information I ask for, I completely get privacy but safety is equally as important.

I am flexible, if the online form makes one uncomfortable I allow email too, however screening is not optional.

Now this would be a great response, except the fact he won’t reply with work information or a reference and reuses to provide his cell phone number, is a major RED flag to me

I would rather be upfront and decline you for the real reason at hand – in this case not allowing me to screen him.

I really love how he finds it necessary to insult me and the locations I visit.  For someone who lives in Windsor you think he would have a better appreciation of the other cities in our country that have never been Murder Capitals of Canada.

I never replied to his last email, so he then sends this – Does he think I’m stupid? or my policies have changed?

Always best to be polite when dealing with an ignorant ass….

No sorry Dan – its your loss, and yes Whitehorse was great fun.

I have no tolerance for people thinking that screening and verification is optional.  If you don’t want to provide the information a lady requires, move on too someone who choses not to screen.


Till next month




One comment on “You know you are a special dose of Fucktard when….

  1. Dan

    OMG! I apologize on the behalf of all “Dan’s” for the thick headedness, insensitive and inappropriateness of this narcissistic Dan.

    While I agree with him on the importance of protecting personal data while online, he has to realize that you have “regulations” and “procedures” to ensure your safety. If he is truly a professional then he should used to dealing with these regulations and procedures from his own and other organizations. He may not like them but then he either has to make the choice to deal them or find another organization to deal with.

    If money is no object, why doesn’t he simply buy a second disposable phone for his encounters? At some point he will have to make contact. E-mails can be traced back to him so what is the difference in using a phone number?

    You have your policies and procedures for screening. They are posted and you made him aware of them. If he is not willing to abide, accept, or take a chance then he should respectfully understand and move on to find someone else. You have these in place for your comfort and safety. He may be the nicest and richest man on the face of the planet, but if he doesn’t respect your rules; he doesn’t respect you! Money does not always buy happiness …

    I believe that any service provider accepting a meeting without providing a phone number probably has “someone” close by. Perhaps watching and willing to step in at the hint of a problem. Maybe even taking photos. This may be the type of situation he deserves. So much for personal privacy. 🙂


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