You’ve been Blocked…..

As a user of social media, I’ve noticed a new trend and its kind of pathetic. Social media is an outlet for personal expression, advertising, posting about nothing at all and a great way to see another side of other posters.

As of late, when people don’t like ones thoughts they BLOCK you.  Makes me shake my head.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion about anything and unless it is causing physical harm to another person, child or animal – seems pretty petty and childish to block someone because you don’t like their opinion.  I mean Twitter offers a mute feature so you don’t have to constantly see all of someone’s posts.  

Blocking is meant for a stalker or someone threatening you, not for doing so out of spite or because you don’t agree with what the other person has to say.  The people who are so narrow minded that they feel the need to stop to this level is mind boggling. I have no use for people who cannot behave like adults when they clearly are one (or at least of the age to be considered an adult), childish behaviour belongs in kindergarten and not in the real world.

Drama starts from behaviour like this and considering that most claim to NOT want drama, Why do you insist on bringing on the Drama?




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  1. roamingguy

    I agree with you 100 percent Emily. The use lately of the block feature on Twitter seems to show a great deal of immaturity. My experience recently was after disagreeing with an individual (and not fighting, just a difference of opinion) she blocked me. I was stunned by the immaturity of her actions and Tweeted as much the next day. Well surprise surprise, she was monitoring my Tweets, and unblocked me. Was that a weight off my shoulders.
    But a few weeks later, another Tweet and a disagreement took place. This time I was shaken to my core to find she blocked me again. And although it’s not tit for tat, I blocked her too, so she won’t monitor my Tweets
    When people sign on to forums like Twitter, they are for people to exchange opinions. We all don’t have to agree all the time. But because we may disagree once in a while doesn’t mean we should block someone. Maybe the next Tweet that person will agree and support you.
    Too bad Twitter doesn’t requires users to use maturity

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