More than just sex….

Good company is hard to find and visiting with a companion is more than just sex. So many components make up an encounter, with mental and physical connection being high on my list of what makes an encounter amazing. Anyone can have sex with another person, but not everyone can connect mentally which is the true SPARK of an intimate escape. Mental attraction is more than just words; it is an intimate understanding of the other person without anything sexual being mentioned. It is when words give you a taste of the passion to come.

Connection on many levels is what takes an encounter to new heights….Without a mental connection the encounter is simply average.


2 comments on “More than just sex….

  1. Daniel

    Many are unaware and ignore the truth behind this blog post. Mental connection acknowledges that their’s a layer of intelligence, creates seductive behaviour and a level of comfort between 2 or more 😉 individuals. It’s a zone that enables people to be who they are.

  2. Zest_4_Life

    WOW……What an old thread but one that certainly carries the depth of a hidden message. For those willing too follow the journey ahead, as the path ahead of you can be more rewarding if your willing to take the path you over looked before you might be pleasantly surprised with the new outcome. Nice to TTT this thread:)

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