F is for Fucktard….

As September comes to a close, so does another blog post on stupidity.  As the year progresses on, I have to say I am in awe of the lack of communication skills in some people.  One can only wonder what society is coming too.  As per usual enjoy my end of month post….

Hey im trying to get my buddy a girl for his birthday

If your buddy can’t find his own girl, I don’t think you helping him is a good thing.

Hi Emily.  How’s it going today?. ..thanks for your response. …I appreciate it. …you certainly are probably in my eyes  the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. …..but I have never paid for a date or sex……I  have been with the same woman for 28 years. ….lol….she’s pretty hot too……you  know I am in oshawa. .near Toronto.

Why on earth are you replying to an ad for a companion with NFLD dates in the ad, if you are in the GTA? As well why reply to  an adult ad if your not looking for an adult arangement?

Hi Emily how r you . Thx for getting back . Yes I saw your website but I am located in Brampton , Ontario . Well I was actually putting up an ad for myself on Now Magzine as I am in exotic business like you hun .  On the weekends I do house parties ( strip shows  ) for girls & women as I work for stagmasters.com & Hunks entertainment for past 8 years  located in Toronto & GTA so when I went to check the Now magzine site it showed me in the adult section your pictures under independent escort so that’s how I got you lol . Well I go on face book as XXXXXX or my cell 647XXXXXXX. You are really gorgious tough Hun . I like you . 

Regards Sam 

Don’t you think if i was looking to hire male entertainment I would contact them MYSELF?  What I don’t get is WHY you are emailing me?


You still in Lab? If so, I don’t know anyone here, not from Lab, however wouldn’t mind a party buddy for the night if interested.  Drinks and dancing, local pup be a good start.


I ALWAYS enjoy being a party buddy with a random stranger – can’t think of a better way to become a missing person.

Good day

Im 30 caucasian male. Regular build . I’m in Bathurst tonight and tomorrow night . was wondering if u did car date ? If so how much donation . it would be for bj only . thanks

If you own a car, why can’t you drive to me? Secondly I’m NOT interested.

Hi I’ve got a thing for being watched and wondering if you’d be into watching me stroke and cum, looking for now, only take10mins of your time, if so how much?

May i suggest sticking with the porn you currently allow to watch you while you watch it?

Hey was with a few friends having few casual drinks and we were wondering if ud be free to dance for us for a few hours tonight no touching just a bit of entertainment

Maybe watch some football as that is also entertainment.

r u available today and wat r u rates were r a couple

had you read the ad, you would have comprehended that A) I’m not currently in the city you are inquiring to B) that I don’t visit with couples and C) This is in no way an introduction and I’m NOT interested.

Hey when will you be in the soo? I’m a fit ddf hung university student and not a bad looking guy

Your grammar sucks, and your mighty high on yourself -maybe stick with university bars.

Hi. Nice pics. Are you submissive? No sex just Want bbbj/balls play. Do. You take spankings or offer rimming? Rates?

Maybe reply to ads under the domination section or ladies that actually state they offer what you are seeking.

Price ? And what do that get ? I’m 28

And live in gander

Maybe you can tell me what I get – will you show up in a 3 piece suit? will you recite me poetry, will you not try to haggle my donation and be a gentleman?

Hello Emily 🙂 

It’s a shame that a beautiful lady like you is available for this purpose. However, I understand that everyone has their preferences and ways to live their own lives.  As I have the privilege to come across your profile, I’d like to give it a go. I do not do this at all. But I’m in a situation where I strongly feel that the genuineness I carry as my personality has no place for appreciation among the generation that i exist in. So i am tired and lonely.  Rather than sulking in the pleasure of alcohol and then retaliating the next day against feeling of being hungover, I thought what would it be like investing my money and time on something that could lead to a better outcome. And so, i reach out to you.  Please let me know if you would be interested and also the fee that you would be charging just so that I know on whether i can or not afford it. 

Your email started out by insulting me – do you really think I want to spend time with you?

My wife found out that I have been contacting you. I hope she doesn’t get the cops involved. But still want to meet up with you asap

Not a chance.

Je visite Ottawa cette semaine. Mardi a Mercredi. Je suis super intéresser a te rencontrer. Je suis meme prêt a t’offrir un MacBook Pro 15 pouce pour te rencontrer ou un iPhone 5S Blanc. x0x0x0 email moi! Chris

 I can buy my own computer and phone – maybe you meant to email the buy n sell.

do you have any restrictions posted anywhere? do you allow any pics or clips be taken during time shared together?

What  a great idea allowing a random stranger to have video footage of me and to place all over the internet – why did I not think of this?

emile please give me a phone number i would like to meat you

I think i offer a different type of meet that you are seeking….

As you can read it was an uneventful month in my email inbox.

Till next month




3 comments on “F is for Fucktard….

  1. Zest_4_life

    Well Miss Em ;

    September looks like you were busy with the “Fucktards” again, It’s gotta be somewhat frustrating to have these things stacked up in your inbox. Although their funny im sure after a while they certainly are not, cudo’s to you for your patients Miss Em!

    1. kat

      Would you want to try working at bachelor parties with us, We vet out our clients to ensure no F*cktards exists. http://www.sexyvixxens.com We cater to bachelor parties throughout Ontario.

  2. Poo Bear

    Instead of being angry or replying “well, duh” you should post some humorous responses to the inquiries of the f**ktards. It would be so much more fun for your readers and it would make you more endearing and look less angry! Humour is so much more fun than anger and snide remarks!


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