So you want to Negotiate…..

The subject of negotiating is one that makes me cringe – especially in this industry.  This video hits the nail on the head and if you still don’t get WHY it is WRONG to even think of trying to NEGOTIATE – best you move along.  I don’t tolerate people who have no respect for others.  When you make an offer to negotiate you are putting yourself at the bottom of the cess pool of scum.  It is ignorant, rude and just plain disrespectful.  This video shows clear examples of why trying to NEGOTIATE will make you miss out not come out ahead.

Think before you insult someone’s intelligence and business.



One comment on “So you want to Negotiate…..

  1. roamingguy

    Negotiating is offensive on so many levels. These hagglers would hate and take offense to their employer negotiating their salary every day, but think it is OK to in essence do the same to the ladies they see. They also don’t truly believe in negotiation. A lady for example couldn’t counter with, for example, “I haggle too that’s why I charge an hourly rate but you only get 45 minutes”
    There’s no excuse to haggle. The ladies have their rates posted. If you can’t afford her rate, don’t even waste her time by contacting her
    The ladies I’ve met (especially one special redhead 😉 ) provide an escape that has an intangible value far exceeding the donation asked for. That’s why when a date is booked, you should also be thinking of what to give the lady for a gift and tip
    And don’t haggle, it’s wrong, and besides being ignorant, rude and disrespectful, you are not just trying to devalue the lady’s business, you are trying to devalue the lady too…and that is despicable
    and offensive


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