Can’t fix Fucktard….

The month of June has come to an end.  As quick as it went by, there was no shortage of stupidity to grace my inbox…The days have been hot and I guess thinking before you hit send has been tough in the extreme heat….

Hi. Sorry to bother you but saw your ad online. Gorgeous!!! You are simply stunning! Would you be available to perform for a bachelor party in Winnipeg July 8th? If you’re interested I can provide more details on location, # of guys attending, demographic, etc. Let me know. Thanks!

Wonderful, I always enjoy placing myself in an out numbered situation with men I don’t know, I can’t think of a better opportunity to get murdered, raped or abducted…Don’t know how I can pass this opportunity up.

nice i likka i likka alot.

Im not even sure what your saying….

You are very good looking but I can’t afford you I will need 10 mins what’s the rate

If you can’t afford me WHY are you emailing me?

I like you babe you look nice you got a beautiful body I like it you have nice tits babe I like it all babe you got a good ship I love that

Good Ship?

If u ever want to move to British Columbia. …….


Hey, I would love to meet you. You can have friendship and fun with mee, I work and earn very good. I look forward for your message. My WhatsApp no.#XXXXXXXXXX

Wonderful, I’m sure this is on opportunity I can’t pass up…

Got any new pics?

Are you offering to pay for my next shoot? 

oh, one more thing — could I bring a camera to our meeting?

Sure as long as I can smash it with a bat before you leave.

Hey sexy. Do u mind giving footjobs?

I have a name o swift one with the words. Do you mind giving foot jobs?

Hi there very beautiful so I assume that I can not afford a visit with you or can I

I don’t know can you?

Heya Hun. Got a number?

No I do not, as you cannot write a proper email I doubt you can speak in sentences either.

I’ll book (and drive to) ottawa provided I can see more pics 🙂

O goody don’t you sound like a treat.  How about you forward me 8 pics of you (the same amount as on my website) and I can decide if i want to see you?

Hi looking for hh including msog ? Yr restrictions ? What do you offer ? Windsor.

I can offer you an introduction to proper english writing skills in a 30min session, however you will require years of classes in order to actual write like a human being and not a hood rat.

As you can see, you can’t fix stupid, or lazy or just plain asinine.  Here is hoping July is a month of less fucktards.







2 comments on “Can’t fix Fucktard….

  1. Stuart

    You can whisper in my ear anytime Emily, but please don’t bust my camera! It’s going to be a long,hot summer with lots of fucktards!

  2. Fred

    lol! Thanks Emily. Keep them coming. Makes my day.

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