Im Quitting…..

Well Coffee that is….had you there for a second, didn’t I….

Ive made the decision to flat out quit Coffee and you should think about it too..  If you lead an anxious or stressful lifestyle the Coffee you consume increases your symptoms.  Removing Coffee from you diet is a great way to naturally reduce these symptoms.

Coffee creates a dependancy and dehydrates you along with causing mood swings and unstable erratic behaviour in some.

Ive made the fist step in cutting out my Coffee consumption, have you?







3 comments on “Im Quitting…..

  1. Zest 4 Life

    “Im Quitting”……..HOLY MOLY My Heart Just Stopped Beating for a few seconds and I just sat here holding my breath for a quick second before seeing the word coffee…..Phewwwwwwwwwwwwww YES Miss Em you Certainly Did have me, Naughty Girl 🙂

    Yes you are absolutely correct, that’s why I NEVER EVER Started drinkin that stuff, butt it does smell heavenly doesn’t it especially the percolated stuff. Thus carrying such an aromatic magic about it’s self luring you into it’s path of no return as it reels you in 🙂

    I have no direct interest in starting too drink that stuff now anyways, good luck My Sweet Miss Em on your quest to abandon this wonderful morning ritual that im sure you have enjoyed many times before. You are a strong woman so im sure you will beat this habit as I know how focused you become and your new mission will be your strength.


  2. Stuart

    That was a cruel opening Em! A smart decision though on the switch of beverages,and I switched to herbal teas years ago.

  3. Lee

    Very sneaky…Em.!!
    But I am not quitting… that is..
    Two of the largest surveys in the world say that coffee and caffeine in moderation….3 or 4 cups a day….prevent numerous types of cancer up to 60 percent reduction…plus other benefits too numerous to mention!! Herbal drinks are not the answer!!

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