Pray for Orlando….

My prayers and thoughts go out to all those affected by what happened early this morning in Orlando.  I am sickened by the fact someone would do this to other human beings.  We are all the same underneath so why does how we look or who we love matter to anyone but ourselves?

Take a moment and hug those you love today and everyday.






2 comments on “Pray for Orlando….

  1. Zest 4 Life

    I’m still in disbelief of the senseless loss of so many lives, what type of person could possibly be so lost in life that they could perform such an act against another human being. When does this nonsense end as we lost another beautiful soul in “Christina Grimmie” a contestant from the “Voice” who was taken from a life filled with so much promise. Today is a day of confusion for us all as to where do we turn to from here as so much tragedy fills the world Daily. My heart goes out to those who mourn the loses of their loved ones.

  2. Stuart

    The sin is that the legislators in America don’t care enough about the annual slaughter in classrooms and elsewhere to pass sane gun controls. Why does anyone need an assault rifle? I don’t care what the motive of these sick individuals happen to be.

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