No Escaping the Stupidity….

As time goes on, I really shake my head and wonder how some people get through the average day to day life.  The emails below are an indication that some really must struggle with the task of just breathing alone.

Hey, are you still in the Bay?? I am passing thru today and would like to suck on those big tits of yours.

Let me know your rate so we can meet

I think you missed out on breastfeeding as an infant and learning manners as an adult….

Well I’m in for the full thing baby how much your to good to passh up sexy I just wanna fuck u over N over sdy I’m getting outta a realtiship N really need this I won’t b let down msg me soon sex

No wonder your recently becoming single if this is how you approach women (I’m sorry it took your current girlfriend so long to figure out you are a moron), I have a feeling you will be single for a VERY long while.

When you come to Thunder Bay will you be bringing any leather outfits with you I may a fetish slave Sissy hoping to surrender to a powerful goddess and have me worship her heel boots and feet and be turned into a slut by her

Is this an area we can discuss

Sure as soft and sensual means I don leather and cater to fetish…..clearly I missed something here…..

Hey can you meet right now ??

Sure as I obviously have nothing better to do than cater to last minute requests….

Do you do KFC?

I am at a loss of words here as I cant imagine what you want to do with chicken.

How you doing?. I saw you and like it.. I am Bob I do shooting model job. I want to hire you to shoot photos for well paid escort magazine job. if you interested get back to me for further details okay. Thank

Sure I always want to pose for random strangers and have no control over my images, what a great idea…. No web links or publications mentioned and a gmail email address, how can I pass this up?

Whats it going to take tonhave my way with you?

When ur in fredericton next, let me know

Nothing, you lost me with your grammar and one can only imagine how great a date with you would be.

Since your in fredericton tomorrow. When in the am can i see you?



Looking to unload a couple/few times for the time given

Have a good one

Rules: use proper English and grammar, have some manners and learn some respect towards women. In other words we WONT be visiting.

Hey,You can call me XXX, age 37. East indian. Have desires to make love to women wanting to make love. Hh is good but depends on u r charges.  Decent rate we could go long on a bottle of wine. waterloo.Ontario i s my location incall suits me. Saturday after 4pm -7pm or sunday 11am or after 4pm -7pm. Saw advert on backpage. There is a independent babe I meet cannot disclose her u could find advert on backpage kitchener.  The tittle says polish.  That is the best I could do. Tc

WOW, all that was missing is how nice of a guy you are (which im shocked you never mentioned). How can I pass a date up with you. Maybe invest what little you have into some English lessons, and learn some manners while you are at it.

It boils down to if you can’t contact a lady with respect and a well written email, don’t bother.  Your wasting your time and mine over something that will NEVER happen.KFC


2 comments on “No Escaping the Stupidity….

  1. Zest_4_Life

    YIKES………My Poor Miss Em, you have the Heart and Patients of a Saint, Im sure at times you laugh at these and at times throw your hands into the air and scream *^$%# @$$. It’s to easy to sit here and laugh at this butt I know what a Special Lady You Are and how Strong Willed You Are. The KFC Cheap Value Meal is Simply Priceless, you had me ROTFLMAO 🙂

  2. Stuart

    I’m not a Cage fan, but that quote does sum it up. Ftards endure.

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