File under F…..for Fucktard

It seems you give one access to the internet and they lose all common sense. What ever happened to being polite and using manners when communication with someone? This months emails definitely don’t fall short of when people don’t think before they hit send.

hey i just want a quick incounter i have miney message me back

When I replied back with no thanks, he sent the following:

ill give you 300 for sex and another 100 if i can cum in side of yu

best you spend your money learning to spell and maybe invest in learning about STD’s and how the activities you seek will get you some.

want see mee for fun big 9 inch

Glad you want to see yourself hope you enjoy your 9 inches.

You need a wakeup call. I’m sorry but your not worth those prices. I’ve had better many times for half that price. Dream on.

Im not the one sending emails to people they don’t know – insulting them, I think you’re the one that needs a wake up call.

Hi I’m just wondering if your on the Canadian East Coast the weekend of March 26. I’m throwing my buddy a bachelor party. He’s really into redheads. You came to mind. Thanks for taking your time to read this. Please get back to me asap.

Thank you for thinking of me, it’s not everyday a woman has the chance to be out numbered by many men in a room, sounds like a great opportunity and surely safe.

hi, i would love to book an appointment with you , how do i do this as i would love to do this AS SECRETIVE AS POSSIBLE

I suggest you don’t do this then as Im not into spending time with secret agents.

you would make 1 hot sugar babe

Are you offering to be my sugar daddy?

U must be joking! (this was sent in reply to my auto responder)

Nope, my screening policy is firm. I don’t joke about my safety but im guessing you don’t value yours.

U r supper hot I’m after ajetking off twice to your u won’t to hook up

Thank you for that awful image – clearly you don’t need to visit as you’ve obviously satisfied yourself

who the hell do you think you are ????

Don’t you know who I am – Im Emily Rushton, if your still unsure feel free to google me 🙂

Hi Emily,

Sorry for the short notice….I am seeing if u have a slot open tonight.

Im not a race track.  Best to order a pizza as companionship is best served when booked in advance.

And the guest email of the month: (Thank you to the contributor)

hi im jack 27age

im ASian guy

i will go there

im arrive 16 April  in Brisbane

my best time 18 or 19 April

my hotel is  meriton serviced hotel

we are contact e-mail

my e-mail xoxoxoxoxo

i like the TONIGHT GIRL FRIENDS porno

Like a tonightgirlfriend  porno you want to try

i see the u r profile

taller n  dd bust size

i lovely high heels n T pants n stockings caress pussy n gfe ;D

im check it u r schedule

plz return message

I am at a loss for words, you cant spell, you think companions are Barbie dolls and you clearly watch way to much porn. Why would you even think we would be a good fit?

As you can see April was far from uneventful.  Hope you enjoyed the read….Till next month






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