When NO is NOT Respected….

Last month I was contacted by a potential suitor for a possible date while visiting an upcoming city.  The first few email was great, then it all went down hill.  I am going to share this exchange and I feel it may help shed light on one of the many reasons why communication, connection respect and boundaries are key.  Even after I decline this man continues to feel that I am entitled to see him. his replies get worse as I give him honest reasons for why we are not a good fit.

Hi Emily,

my name’s Sxx. I own XXXX, but live in Small-town , ON

I am interested in a dinner date followed up with some relaxation and fun in a hotel room.

november 8th, you are visiting? Interested in getting together around 5:00pm. Thank you.

Good morning Sxx,
Thank you for the email.
I am more than happy to discuss a possible dinner date with you when I am in XXXXXX in November.
How many hours are you looking to visit for?
And can you let me know a bit more about yourself (age, and a brief introduction so that we can become better acquainted)
I look forward to hearing from you and Happy Halloween

Morning, Emily

Thank you for your prompt response. You are a rare gem
in escorting services. Gorgeaus, professional & polite!

I own XXX.

I am Persian & Italian. I am 38 years old. I reside
in XXXX. I will attach a pic, for your reference.

The dinner date will not engage in a full-course meal, as I
am looking forward to YOU as the main meal on my agenda.

Thinking about going to the Cook Shop or Moxie’s, for salad
and a main course. So, I hope you will keep your appetite open
to eat with me! 😉

2 hours time with you. 1 hour for the dinner date. 1 hour to get

Intimate wise, I am an intense man. I like my love making sessions to
be passionate, a little rough & longer than usual. I want to worship and
enjoy your body and being, as you look like you smell really nice!

I like play wrestling action, as my fetish. Nothing rough, just me catching you
in a body scissors or something and pinning you to the bed.

I love a tan on a red-head, so would you be open to either a tanning bed or
a spray tan? I love tan-lines, especially with a bikini thong. I will reimburse
you for your tanning session.

I am not a cheap client, as I do tip.

I am a spontaneous guy, so I may want to place my hand up your skirt while we
are seated during dinner – and feel the black thong around your hips…Granted there
is privacy. I may decide to shop at a lingerie store in the mall, for 30 minutes or so,
after we have some salad. If you are not comfortable in public, we can just stay at
a hotel room, if you prefer. Do you have a room booked, or would you prefer that I
pay for my own?.. let me know.

Which day do you plan on visiting, Emily?

Good morning Sxx,
Thank you for getting back to me and I hope your having a great Sunday so far.

Thank you for sharing more about yourself, it is appreciated.

I am definitely open to meeting for dinner prior to private time.

Just to be clear, I am a sensual person and not into anything rough (I bruise very easily) as well I don’t do anything In public I am a private person and discretion is of the utmost importance to me (I hope you understand)

As per my photos I am with a tan, but I do not have any tan lines – I’ve spent hour perfecting my color with self tanner 🙂

I would rather be upfront and honest than mis lead anyone as I believe chemistry and openness are key.

I look forward to hearing from you and have a great morning
Morning, Emily

Yes, Sunday was a nice day spent with family. Saturday was fun as we journeyed
to XXXXXXXXXX! Maybe you can join me for some entertainment,
like that, on occassion. Haha.

I appreciate your honesty, regarding your limits. However, I am the paying customer
and I am letting you know, what I enjoy. If slow, prolonged foreplay….riding horseback
along an ocean front resort, and a submissive man is what you prefer, Emily – than I will
not make a good client for you.

I do not hurt anyone, especially women. Rough sex to me is , to be blunt, .. having you in
the doggy position, for example, slapping your ass, and lightly pulling your hair. Pumping my
pelvis at a moderate to fast rate, for 30 minutes straight. I am in tremendous physical condition
and enjoy sex to be passionate and wild. But nothing hurtful. No need to worry, as I don’t
expect you to perform acrobatics. I prefer to be the one initiating and doing all the ‘work’.. 😉

Wrestling bodyscissors or a pretend headlock will not bruise you. Why would I want to bruise you?
I am not a mysoginist. Believe it or not, I am a religious man, and treat women with respect.

I suggest we meet for our dinner date, and just talk. We can have wine and a salad and you can
evaluate me in person. If I remind you of Charles Manson, then you can kindly let me know,
and we can end the date. I will pay you, upfront, in an envelope, for the hour.

If your evaluation of me is a positive and trusting one, and we agree on rules, then we can extend
the date to another hour, and retreat to a hotel room.

Let me know what you think, Emily

Good evening Sxx,

Nice to hear back from you and glad you had a nice Sunday.

I am very sorry I am not comfortable with what you are looking for and I think its best that you seek other company. I have my limits in place and Im not comfortable stepping out of them, I offer a sensual experience and am not into offering anything outside of this. While some ladies may enjoy what you wish to have happen during a date, its not my thing.. Last thing I wish to do is waste your time, hence my reason for being upfront with the experience I provide. Im very sorry we are not a better fit.

Have a great evening

Hi Emily,

That’s disappointing news. You assume that I am a bad fit, unruly company or
dangerous client – simply because I enjoy play wrestling & intense sex. So, you
have never been with a man who spanked your ass or played a little rough? I
doubt that, very much.

The reason why you are rejecting me, is because you want to maintain your control
scenerio with all your customers which are submissive & hopefully rich. You are more interested in satisfying
your particular fantasies and monetary lust, rather than accomodate a paying customer.

I have associated with other escorts, and none have bruised or been hurt. (I do have references, btw.)

You also believe that because I am not your typical old man client, of 50 plus years, I don’t
make enough money. I make an average of 10 times, the income of the average retired gentleman
in Canada.

My suggestion is for you to never assume you know a gentleman, before even speaking to him over
the telephone or meeting him in person. Email communication is a good start, but a bad ending, as
so many interpretations can be attributed – without understanding the other person.

I respect your decision, but feel it is an ignorant one.



The sick thing about this entire situation is after googling the said above mentioned gentleman he has ads posted all over the internet looking to wrestle with women and video it – he is a sick twisted individual who is the REASON i SCREEN and will continue too.

If i lady declines a dat with you, walk away she has her reasons and there is someone who may be a better fit for you out there.





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  1. Stuart Sutton

    No Means No You’re wise to turn someone like this down. If he is this arrogant and egocentric in an email. he would probably be a nightmare behind closed doors.

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