Think….Before You Email….

A little late getting my “SPECIAL” emails of the month up, but better late than never. Ill never understand why people don’t THINK before they hit the send button.  Brace yourself for some interesting reads….

Hey I’m attractive enough to make me a top 3 favourite client. I’m actually better than anybody who resorts to this kind of connection but I find it extremely raw and it turns me on, call me xxx-xxx-xxxx

WOW, nice you see you think of yourself as someone who could be a TOP 3 client, and so nice of you to refer to yourself as better than anyone else…..I think its best you stick to dating POF may be better suited for the likes of you.

Hello its my buddies birthday over the weekend your coming to corner brook and we wanna get him somthing nice, what Are your rates sweetie? 🙂

So thoughtful of you to think of me as something nice and call me SWEETIE, shall I pop out of a cake as well?

best price I want some of you

I see your a man of many words, and I this is not an auction.

Yo. Text me I’m 32 yam tatooes and yea got money all day xxx-xxx-xxxx il send Pics

Well you lost me at Yo.

Your site say’s you take donations where to?

At a loss for words here….

Hi how much hh to my place I’m in truck stop


Your in owensound. How much for a good dick sucking

Let me know how many ladies reply to such a classy and respectful email?  I’m betting NO takers

Hi! Are you still in brandon? Hh rate? 15? I’m not a cheapo, I just don’t require a very full service. Basically just want to watch and mas… Thanks!

You may have better luck if you just stick to resorting to watching porn

I am waiting for u in Sydney right now

Stalking is considered illegal 

Hi 🙂 are you available for me and my friend at hotel gander ? Both younger clean respectful men just looking for a little fun while were here 😉

Respectful men do NOT send email requests like this.
Hey, How are you doing? Im doing good. Im just wondering if you would be into meeting sometime soon? I live in st johns. And my fetishes are. I find it hot when girls are into lifting and carrying me in there arms, I like to sit on a girls lap with my legs around her waiste while shes giving me a handjob, I find it hot when girls smoke and I like when a girl yells at me like a real angry mom while im on her lap or while she gives me a handjob. Do you think you would be into doing any of that maybe? I hope to hear from back from you soon. I will pay cash of course.

What will you ask me to do next, bench press you?

As you can see it was an interesting last month or so, hope you found some laughter to start your day.

Till next month




3 comments on “Think….Before You Email….

  1. roamingguy

    What is really sad Emily, they did think before they emailed. They even proofread before hitting the send button. Just this is the best they could muster


  2. Wishful Friend

    I just wanted to drop a comment here to say thank you for coming to Newfoundland 🙂 Please don’t mind all the silly messages, laugh at them as you tend to do. Imagine how lost the art of paragraph or even sentence composure will be in 20 years when the millennial stare-at-their-phone texting-generation emerges to teach the as-yet-unborn how to draft and edit something insightful that someone else might have to read… Keep up the blogging.

  3. Stuart Sutton

    I would make a comment,except I’m unsure this person has finished speaking.

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