Amazing Interview with our Prime Minster Designate….

W5 had an amazing inter view with Justin Trudeau, our soon to be NEW (and much awaited) Prime Minster….



4 comments on “Amazing Interview with our Prime Minster Designate….

  1. roamingguy

    Great interview with our new PM Elect. Justin brings a sense of optimism and hope back. Something that has been lacking for some time in Canada.
    He sure seems ready to me 🙂
    Thanks Emily for posting this in your blog


  2. Chad

    What a douche. In two years the honeymoon/infatuation will be over. In four years the citizens/voters will be so jaded that Justin Bieber will be a national hero in comparison. They’ll officially rename him and his cronies the Fiberal party of Canada.

  3. E

    Maybe you need to look in the mirror at yourself before you criticize others. Anyone who makes comments like this on someones blog should take a LONG hard look at themselves before they even write something like this. Trudeau will make us proud, maybe you need to go to Calgary and hang with jaded Harper.

  4. Stuart Sutton

    This comment is unworthy of really getting a reply. Obviously Trudeau is going to make mistakes. He is still a huge improvement over the narrow-minded bigot and fascist we’ve had in charge for the last 10 years.

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