Party of the Month….

I can’t let September end without sharing a few if my favourite email moments with you… Brace yourself and put down your coffee as its about to get priceless….

Yes I was just wondering if you were available skeep is not my friend looking for a good rxpierence

Im not sure what Skeep is but if you meant sheep you have the wrong type of lady….

Hey, what can you offer for a normal, chill, good looking 29 year old? Looking for an hour or 2 of chill fun.

Well I’m originally from Alberta and I can don a parka better than most – Im sure I can teach you a thing or two about chill fun 

What time on Sunday ? I am very interested. I’m fit and 29. I drink ha. Do you mind if I do a little white while together ? Just as well ask now ha.

hmmm, not sure where you thought this was an acceptable second email? ha maybe you lose my email ? ha

Hi Babe,

I’m in Vernon on the 12th and looking for a party gal (drinks and blow lol). How much for a couple of hours, I will treat you like a lady , I’m physically fit 35 yrs old and not too hard on the eyes, looking for lingerie show, good conversation etc,

Let me know love, thanks


WOW, first you call me Babe (My favourite term of endearment) and then you assume Im into drugs and lingerie shows, I think its time you re-read my website.

Hi sweetie would love to meet with you but is there any way you can lower your rates or provide hh services I would really love to meet u

YAY, another Favourite term of endearment, September is my month.  How about you save up?  You’ve emailed me for 4 years, I think in that amount of time we should be sailing on a sunset cruise by now…

Hi hun–noice look! what size are those beaudacious ta tas?


cheers & thanks

ta tas?  are you 6?  obviously you can’t read as you missed everything and anything written on my website.

Hey there love. Are you in Whitehorse yet? I’d love to meet up and have a party.

hmmm, September must be PARTY month….what kind of party do you wish to have?  like one with Cake and hats and Balloons? or one where I pop out of a cake? Or were you looking for a clown?

And MY personal favourite:

Hey I would love a champion experience I’m in owen sound when are u their again

Im at a loss for words, can anyone tell me what a “Champion Experience” is? is this like a Happy Meal with a BJ and a 7up? 

As you can see September was a month of SPECIAL Party Hungry gems…. one can only imagine what next month will bring….Should I pack some balloons and party hats for my travels?

Hope you had great read….




One comment on “Party of the Month….

  1. Ed

    Although I found them amusing it’s kinda screwed up if you replied back to them that way. Or is that just your thoughts as you read them?
    On another note.The guy who asked for shorter times, I see nothing wrong with asking. (The provider I asked never got back to me) I guess you find this offensive. If it is,I’m sorry I’m a newb…I find it hard to “save up” I guess I should save up. I guess if you want that Ferrari “Testarrosa” you gotta save for it!! Lol.
    By the way thanks for blogging, you provide a nice read.

    All the best,

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