Monthly Archives: March 2011

Days of pink houses and snow filled rainbows….

Oddest yet most amazing combination ever. To see it is to believe it…. Yes I am referring to a visit to the awe inspiring St. John’s. As your plane is circling on the final minutes of the approach you see the festive and vibrant houses overlooking the rocky cliffs....


More than just sex….

Good company is hard to find and visiting with a companion is more than just sex. So many components make up an encounter, with mental and physical connection being high on my list of what makes an encounter amazing. Anyone can have sex with another person, but not everyone...


One Unforgettable Moment

An intense encounter in which you are left seeing stars and feeling week in the knees defines my thoughts on true passion, afterwards when you are unable to get the passionate thoughts out of your head, the lust is kicking in. It all starts a little something like this…....